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Entrepreneur launching Native American food delivery service in Phoenix

PHOENIX — A Navajo startup is launching a new grocery service in the Valley to increase access to Native American cultural foods.

Alexander Chambers, owner of Chambers Meat Company, said his new business will deliver traditional meats, such as mutton, to customers.

The mutton will be sourced from a sheep farm based in Chandler. Mutton comes from adult sheep and is a key ingredient in many Native American dishes.

“(Mutton) is usually the main dish in almost every ceremony that happens on the reservation,” Chambers said.

He said the idea came about when he discovered people did not have easy access to Navajo mutton or lamb meat in Phoenix.

“Anyone can drive to one of the border towns and buy their lamb and mutton meat at their local trading post, but here in the Valley … it’s pretty hard to find,” the self-branded Navajo entrepreneur said.

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